Creating CRM Dashboards Your Team Will Actually Use

Effective CRM dashboards should give full visibility of the sales pipeline, deliver accurate revenue forecasts, and provide a snapshot of individual sales performance. So why are so many sales managers still frustrated?

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Creatio, Tips and Tricks

How To Auto-Refresh Your Creatio Dashboard

October 7, 2021

CRM dashboards are meant to present a big picture that combines different data points as a quick and easy-to-understand visual summary. In Creatio, dashboards are built into each section with a rich feature set that lets you design and build them to suit any reporting needs.

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auto-refresh dashboard
Email Marketing, Marketing

Top Email Marketing Strategies for 2022

October 4, 2021

Email marketing has proven to be an effective way for businesses to communicate with and promote to their customers. In this blog, we offer some top-of-mind strategies to help you up your email marketing game.

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These email marketing strategies will help you to communicate to your customers.
HubSpot, Lead scoring , Marketing, Marketing Automation

Creating a Lead Scoring Model Using HubSpot Score

September 20, 2021

An overview of Hubspot Score, a lead scoring model that organizations can create to better understand their leads and contacts.

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Creating a lead scoring Model using HubSpot score
Marketing, Tips and Tricks

How to Improve Your Content Readability: Our Top Tips

September 13, 2021

Making sure your content is “readable” is important for SEO. Users are getting the information they need online and an easy-to-read page will make it more likely they will find your content and stay on your page longer to read it.

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Business Process Management, Sales

Business Process Management (BPM) is Crucial for Sales Efficacy

September 7, 2021

Business Process Management holds great potential for every department to standardize and optimize their processes, but sales in particular will be one of the major benefactors. Today, we’ll discus what this process-driven approach means and why it’s so crucial for sales efficacy.

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bpm for sales
HubSpot, Sales

HubSpot’s Mobile App: Tools Needed for your Outside Sales Reps

August 30, 2021

Your outside sales team needs a way to properly connect to the CRM system on the go. With HubSpot’s mobile CRM app, your sales reps can access their accounts and never a miss out on new leads or prospects. Users can have the same experience using the mobile app as they do through a Web browser,…

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Creatio, Marketing

Tips for Building Your First Creatio Marketing Campaign

August 23, 2021

This blog post gives users a glimpse into the powerful tools found within Creatio's Marketing Campaigns.

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Creatio Marketing campaign
Sales, Tips and Tricks

Are Website Errors Costing You Sales Leads?

August 18, 2021

It’s a good sign when prospects can easily find your website, but if the site experience is frustrating, those visitors won’t be returning. Clunky design elements, difficult navigation, and poorly rendered mobile pages can all be culprits--but so can errors. Seemingly insignificant website errors…

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Clunky design elements, difficult navigation, and poorly rendered mobile pages can all be culprits--but so can errors. Seemingly insignificant website errors can have a major impact on users engaging with your website, and ultimately whether they convert to sales leads.
Tips and Tricks, Business Strategy

Entrepreneurial Strategies for Disrupting an Industry

August 10, 2021

We understand that for some businesses, the idea of innovation can be very threatening. But if your business must survive, it mustn’t just adapt and explore technological innovation but also trigger disruption in its industry.

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business disruption
Sugar Sell

Enhance your Sales Performance with Sugar Sell

August 6, 2021

Using Sugar Sell, your sales team can better understand prospects, while still automating their sales process along the way. Here are some tools within Sugar Sell that can benefit your sales team.

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Sugar Sell
Sugar Market

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with Sugar Market

August 3, 2021

With a tool like Sugar Market powering your initiatives, you have some awesome resources at your fingertips. Here are a few valuable features of Sugar Market that can help enhance your marketing efforts.

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Sugar Market

Can Citizen Developers Help IT?

July 27, 2021

There’s been a lot of buzz recently about low code, no code, and citizen developers. With all the pressures for faster development cycles, stronger tech support, and better business applications, it’s no wonder people are getting excited at the prospect of citizen developers.

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citizen developers
Tips and Tricks, Sales

7 Tips to Improve your Outreach Game on LinkedIn

July 23, 2021

It might seem easy enough to find prospects on LinkedIn, but it’s much more difficult to gain their attention. Reaching out to people and actually receiving a response can be a real challenge, and it requires a particular set of skills and knowledge. Here are seven tips that will help you improve…

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linkedin prospecting
How To

How to Use CRM Automation to Free up More Time

July 20, 2021

A CRM system is great for organizing information and facilitating quick data analysis; but its automation capabilities also can help free up more time in your workday. Check out these seven tips for using CRM automation to free up more time.

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free time CRM
Tips and Tricks, AI and Machine Learning

Leveraging Machine Learning Using CRM Data

July 14, 2021

It comes as no surprise that CRM systems are fantastic platforms for organizing and storing customer information. But these days, they need to be so much more. Machine learning and AI applications are the new must-have CRM features. Many of the top CRM providers are offering these capabilities pre-…

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machine learning with CRM data
Best Practices

How to Handle Customer Complaints, The Right Way

July 12, 2021

How do you know you’re handling customer complaints the right way? Take the real world encounter I recently had as an example. I bought a pair of shoes knowing I would need to break them in. However, the sixth time I wore them was on a 10 minute walk to the grocery store and by the time I returned…

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Customer Complaints
Marketing, Mobile, Tips and Tricks

Top Mobile Marketing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

June 30, 2021

Most consumers dedicate a great deal of time to researching products on their smartphones before they decide on what to purchase. Unfortunately, figuring out how to master mobile connections is easier said than done. Here’s how you can leverage all the benefits of mobile marketing and overcome the…

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mobile marketing
Data Management

4 Key Ways to Improve Customer Data Management

June 24, 2021

Properly collecting and managing customer data is one of the most critical aspects of running a modern business. It helps companies and agencies make sure that this type of information is safe, while it also helps them glean valuable insight into what their customers expect from their product and/…

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customer data management
Best Practices, Sales

4 Best Practices for Remote Sales Demos

June 18, 2021

Providing an engaging demo isn’t always easy, and it can be especially challenging in a remote setting. Here are 4 best practices that can help you deliver great demos and improve close rates.

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sales demo
Technology, Tips and Tricks

Tech Skills in Demand in Today's Job Market

June 15, 2021

With the right tools in your tool belt, you can cultivate your value as an employee and gain opportunities just about wherever you want. Explore the most in-demand tech skills of the modern era, why employers need them, and how you can go about developing these skill sets.

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tech skills in demand

5 Exciting Features of Sugar Market: A Lead to Marketing Success

June 2, 2021

With Sugar Market, users have the ability to streamline their campaigns, analyze their prospects and qualifying contacts, and analyze engagements all underneath one platform. Here are the top 5 features within Sugar Market that can help lead you to marketing success.

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5 tools used within Sugar Market to lead to marketing success
Marketing, Technology

IT Service Management for Marketing Companies: 5 Benefits You Should Know

May 26, 2021

Nowadays, people are increasingly relying on tech solutions to find the services they’re looking for. A forward-looking marketing company should consider adopting IT service management to align IT processes with the needs of these customers to design, build, deliver, operate, and optimize services…

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IT service management
Business Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Asset Management Basics for First-Time Business Owners

May 21, 2021

Asset management deserves your full attention since it empowers you to recognize what is - and isn’t - working for your business. Here’s a look at a few tips on how to make the most of your asset management process:

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asset management for beginners
Creatio, Business Process Management

Use Cases for Creatio's Business Process Tools

May 18, 2021

Within this blog, you begin to learn the value behind Creatio's business process tools. Within Creatio's business process tools, users have the ability to understand how to automate more simple or complex processes within their organization.

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Understanding the value behind Creatio's Business Process tools