In their CRM Talk podcast, Technology Advisors Inc. co-founder Sam Biardo and CRM Switch co-founder Steve Chipman discuss everything CRM – from the latest releases, to trends in the market, and the future of business technology. Sam and Steve have a combined expertise of 45+ years in the industry, and they bring that expertise to the table in these informative & fun podcast episodes. Join these two experts as they interview technology influencers, banter about recent software news, and give valuable advice for streamlining data & improving business processes. Available for free on the iTunes Store.

AI and Machine Learning, CX, Marketing, Sales, SugarCRM

David Campbell of SugarCRM

Episode 97 Published: October 23, 2020

David Campbell, Vice President of Product Marketing at SugarCRM, joins Sam & Steve to discuss sales, marketing, customer support, data, AI and the customer experience.

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HubSpot, Infor CRM SLX

Muting Rogan

Episode 96 Published: October 1, 2020

The west coast in flames, whether a podcaster should host the next presidential debate, CRM product news from Inforum, updates from HubSpot’s virtual Inbound conference.

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CRM, Marketing, Training

Emoji Queries

Episode 95 Published: August 6, 2020

Sam’s commitment to golf, the NHL and NBA bubbles, deploying CRM & training CRM users during a pandemic, using emojis for product searches, the most effective forms of marketing in 2020

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Zooming Requirements

Episode 94 Published: June 25, 2020

A moratorium on CEO interviews, iOS 14 & location tracking, an “off the grid” mobile option, marketers’ digital transformation, new Google My Business features, gathering requirements & conducting online workshops.

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Creatio, CRM, HubSpot, Salesforce, StarfishETL

Meteorologist Backdroppings

Episode 93 Published: April 30, 2020

Musings about online meeting technologies and how they’re being used. How CRM vendors are helping out with discounts and free components.

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Marketing Automation, Sales


Episode 92 Published: March 21, 2020

Sam & Steve talk about ways to adapt your sales and marketing to our current reality.

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Marketing Automation, Sales Force Automation

Work Distancing

Episode 91 Published: March 13, 2020

CRM & marketing automation news and information for March 2020

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Craig Charlton, CEO – SugarCRM

Episode 90 Published: January 17, 2020

Sam interviews Craig Charlton, Chief Executive Officer at SugarCRM.

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AI and Machine Learning, Sales Force Automation

CRM AI Demixed

Episode 89 Published: December 20, 2019

Sam and Steve demystify CRM AI.

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Creatio, Gartner Magic Quadrant, Sales Force Automation, Salesforce

Power Shutoffs & Parasites

Episode 88 Published: November 25, 2019

Reasons for our absence—long vacations, Public Service Power Shutoffs and parasites. bpm’online becomes Creatio. More Salesforce acquisition rumors. Dreamforce ’19 report. Video outreach. Observations on Gartner Magic Quadrants. CRM industry maturity and commoditization. Accelerated release cycles by CRM vendors. Vendors increasingly aligning their offerings around analysts’ “three pillar” expectations.

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